Coming Home

Coming Home

Friday morning I spent three hours trying to convince Raglan to get into the Miley. I went back and forth between trying to coax him into the murder box with treats/alfalfa/grain and groundworking the snot out of him. It didn’t matter what I did, he was determined to be a stubborn cow. In the end SellerH had to come rescue us with her giant three horse slant load (which he happily climbed right in, of course).

“He’s a pretty chill horse, I’m sure he’ll get into a straight load.” – me in December “I’M DONE WITH THIS STUPID STRAIGHT LOAD, IT HAS TO GO.” – me on Friday

By the time we made it to the SEC TrainerA and TrainerM were headed home for the day. I stripped and rebedded Raglan’s new stall, filled his water buckets, made sure he had dinner, and called it a day.

Friday was also Raglan’s birthday, but after the trailer debacle I didn’t really feel like celebrating. I made it up to him the next morning, though! He got a fabulous new blanket from a local tack swap meet (and a whole extra scoop of grain when we were done with our ride, too!).

Our first ride at the SEC (well, technically our second, since we’ve hauled in with SellerH) went well. There were lessons going on in the West Arena (where I typically spend my riding time), so there were a lot of other horses to maneuver around. He was charged up, so we stuck to small circles and serpentine loops at the walk and trot at first, but eventually we made it to the rail, too. He stayed with me the whole time, even when the kids in the lesson were racing past him. We even did a little bit of cantering, too!

On Sunday SellerH hauled in for a lesson and we hacked around while she jumped.

Raglan and I popped over a couple of little cross rails, then SellerH asked if she could take Raglan over some bigger stuffβ€”and who was I to say no to free jumping experience for the squish?

Coming back to the SEC has been wonderful. I missed being surrounded by people that I know. I missed riding during lessons and watching TrainerA work with green beans while I hack around the arena. I’m so happy to be back in my communityβ€”not to mention that I’ve had at least a dozen people comment on how tall/handsome Raglan is, which always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. πŸ˜‚

Now I just need the sun to come out and dry up the track/cross country course…

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