Lesson Recap: Outside Rein

Lesson Recap: Outside Rein

There’s a family in the house next door to my barn that has been making my life hell. They’ve got children running and screaming, dogs that keep getting loose, trucks and tractors coming in and out of the property, goats that won’t stop bleating… Raglan’s not spooking at it, but he has been so distracted by the hubbub.

He can only give like 70% effort, the other 30% is in that house

TrainerM zeroed in on the concept of “inside leg to outside rein” with an exercise that had me counterflexing him on a circle and then changing the bend without losing my connection to his outside rein.

His front end needs to move off of rein only. It’s working well at the walk and trot, but at the canter he’s bracing against the rein aid and it’s ultimately screwing up my left to right flying change (he smashes into the new outside rein and braces off of it instead of swapping the lead correctly).

At the end of the lesson TrainerM got on Raglan so that she could take him over a jump! She even put it up a couple of holes from our norm (so around 2’9″ish). Raglan, why are you such a gem? ✨

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